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Active 2.0 Tower Loudspeaker Systems

Code 0867
Manufacturer Vishorn Audio
Quantity Available 298
Unit Of Measure all
Street Price 74,500.00

Lot Quantity 298
Lot Price 8,937.02
Postage Costs 500.00
Avg. Unit Cost 29.99

Extended Description

These Rosedale DS-1000 Loudspeaker systems were headed for market for GBP250/pair. They need to be sold as Corporation Director is returning to his Native country Canada. The price listed below is approximately 75% of manufacturing and shipping costs, and 14% of RRP. Total amount for sale is 298 pairs of active 2.0 (tower) loudspeaker systems. These speaker systems are located in Cumbernauld Scotland. The speaker systems are brand new, each pair is contained within it's own shipping carton. Inside each shipping carton there is a display carton that houses each pair of speaker systems. The speaker systems are RoHS compliant, with SGS documentation. Each Carton has: * One active speaker (with a 200watt built in amplifier) * One passive speaker * 30Ft of speaker wire (to connect the active and passive speaker together) * Remote control (with battery) and with illuminating display buttons * Owners manual Each active speaker has: * 4* RCA source input connections (TV, DVD, Tuner etc...) * 4* RCA corresponding duplicate source outputs. This is to run speakers in series if more than one pair is desired. (re-amplified) * 2 *3.5mm inputs, for the like of Ipods, (other Mp3 players also) PC, Laptop, PDA etc... * 2 *3.5mm corresponding source outputs (same as above) * Front Control panel to change the input source (TV, Tuner, PC etc...) as well as adjust volume, bass, treble, balance Drivers installed in both the active and passive speakers respectively: * 1 *1" soft dome tweeter (not tinny aluminum) * 2* 5" mid range driver (all rubber surround, not cheap foam) * 1*8" bass woofer (again with rubber surround, not cheap foam) * All drivers with a sensitivity between 89-91db * 12 DB crossover


Seller will deliver anywhere in England or Scotland for GBP500

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